My Licenses And Certifications

posted by Davide Caruso

My Licenses And Certifications:

post date title description
02/12/2021 Diploma Universitario di Abilitazione alla Libera Professione di Perito Industriale Informatico [JPG] Consiglio Nazionale Periti Industriali e Periti Industriali Laureati - Ministero della Istruzione
Always updated Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals [PDF]
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics [PDF]
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Business Intelligence [PDF]
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Platform [PDF]
Microsoft Specialist: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS [PDF]
Microsoft Certifications
4/12/2022 Boolean Coding Week (aggiornamento professionale su HTML - CSS - JavaScript) [PDF] Boolean Academy Certifications
03/01/2023 HackerRank Python (Basic) [png]
HackerRank SQL (Advanced) [png]
HackerRank Certifications
Always updated Introduction to MongoDB - Self-Paced Course[PDF]
Introduction to MongoDB Data Modeling [PDF]
Connecting to a MongoDB Database [PDF]
Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas [PDF]
MongoDB Aggregation [PDF]
MongoDB Atlas Search [PDF]
MongoDB CRUD Operations: Insert and Find Documents [PDF]
MongoDB CRUD Operations: Modifying Query Results [PDF]
MongoDB CRUD Operations: Replace and Delete Documents [PDF]
MongoDB Indexes [PDF]
MongoDB Transactions [PDF]
Overview of MongoDB and the Document Model [PDF]
Mongo DB Certifications
Last updated on 23/01/2017 IT Essentials [PDF]
Cisco EveryThing [PDF]
CCNA Exploration: LAN Switching and Wireless[PDF]
CCNA Exploration: LAN Switching and Wireless - Congratulations Letter[PDF]
CCNA Exploration: Accessing the WAN[PDF]
CCNA Exploration: Accessing the WAN - Congratulations Letter[PDF]
CISCO Certifications
Last updated on 25/09/2012 Certificate Posizionamento Ultrabook [PDF]
Certificate Dispositivi Ultrabook [PDF]
Certificate Sicurezza Ultrabook [PDF]
Certificate Nuove possibilità [PDF]
Certificate demo sui dispositivi [PDF]
Certificate scopri i vantaggi [PDF]
Certificate Video spunti [PDF]
Intel Certifications